The Value Funnel

Your Roadmap to Sustainable Margins and Customer Loyalty

A customer-centric marketing approach designed for organizations struggling to channel truly differentiated value to their customers. 

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Value Funnel Create value

Deliver your Value

Gather true customer insights and convert them into compelling and relevant value propositions. Align your organization to deliver customer value.
Value Funnel Create value

Differentiate Yourself

Differentiate yourself from your competition with impactful and quantifiable messages. Train your sales teams to talk and sell value.
Value Funnel Create value

Hold your Price

Capture your share of the value created with a value-based pricing strategy. Train your sales teams on price discussions.


The Value Funnel

The Value Funnel is a customer-centric strategic marketing approach that channels value from conception to delivery.

The 5 steps of the Value Funnel help organizations to gather deep customer insights and convert these into strong value propositions. The Value Funnel develops impactful external messaging as well as internal sales training mirroring the customer journey. Last but not least, the Value Funnel adopts value-based pricing techniques to optimize value sharing between the customer and the organization.

The Value Funnel helps to break down internal silos that hamper value delivery. Innovation, Marketing, Sales and Finance collaborate together within one united value process. 


How we operate

After an initial consultation to explore your Value Funnel, a personalized project approach will be designed to address your challenges.

The approach can span from a motivational keynote intervention, and hands-on coaching on a given project to full-blown corporate marketing training.

Execution of the project will be a mix of virtual and face to face meetings in order to meet the milestones with the least disruptions.


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Value Comprehension

We can help data mine existing sources of customer insights as well as conducting in-depth interviews with key stakeholders. The output will be designed Customer Personas that not only capture the essence of the customer but also an understanding of their buyer experience.

Value Creation

We can assist in creating relevant and compelling value propositions that go beyond product features to englobe the unique customer experience as well. The output will be a clear statement of a differentiated big idea supported by clear value drivers.

Value Communication

Increase the impact of your messaging by incorporating the fundamental principles of neuroscience. Translate the intangible value drivers into emotional anchors. In a B2B context, we recommend the additional step of quantifying the tangible value drivers.

Value Conviction

Enhance the effectiveness of value selling within your sales teams. Deliver solution training within a customer-centric model that mirrors the customers’ buying journey.

Value Capture

Make sure that you cross the finish line by capturing the value. We can support in setting up a value-based pricing approach. Create your value formulas as well as validate your price points with our partnership with PriceBeam, the most cost-effective approach to price research.
Leaky Value Funnel

Is your Value Funnel leaking?

10 fundamental questions to

self-check your Value Funnel


Christian Löfberg

I’m passionate about strategy and marketing.
Since the beginning of my career, I have been convinced that the role of business is to create value. Both for the customer and society but also for the company.
What is amazing though is that a lot of companies focus on value creation independently in silos. The finance team might be looking at price moves. The communication department at new messages and campaigns. The marketing teams at the value propositions. And the R&D at developing new products and services. Leaving the sales team to figure how how to approach their customers!

All these activities should be interlinked and flow seamlessly from one to another. This is the concept of the Value Funnel that I have developed. A structured process that guides various teams through the 5 Value Funnel stages. Minimizing value leaks to ultimately improve customer loyalty and create sustainable margins.

And in my spare time? Still more marketing- helping small business owners and solopreneurs to infuse strategic thinking to grow their business!

Contact me if you want to join the fun: or +32 499 997677

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Certified Buyer Persona Expert

Certification from the Buyer Persona Institute. Creation of in-depth Persona based on the 5 Rings of Insights.

Certified Value Proposition Design

Certification from Strategyzer on Value Proposition Design – How to create products and services customers want.

Storytelling: Using Story to Drive Action

Certification from MarketingProfs using storytelling as foundation to communicating value propositions to prospects and customers

Certified Consultative Selling Skills Trainer

Certification from Forum on Consultative Selling Skills for sales teams to drive customer engagement and value selling

Official Partner PriceBeam

PriceBeam takes the underlying technology to a unique, never-before-offered self-service to companies of all sizes that quickly, accurately, and affordably discovers your customers’ willingness to pay for your product or service.
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Our Clients

With a particular focus on the animal health and nutrition space, we have assisted numerous clients with various elements of the Value Funnel strategic marketing framework over the last few years.

My challenge was to guide the company through a transformation of our marketing activities, to become more customer-centric in our messages and strategies approaches.

We hired Christian Lofberg as a consultant. He proposed that we apply the principles and practices of the Value Funnel to our marketing strategies and messages.

And the results were that we have now complete sets of value propositions, messages, value drivers, clear understanding of customer needs.

We are delighted with this whole exercise. Our product managers embraced the Value Funnel. They were very enthusiastic when they learned how they could interview customers, gather insights, and transform those insights into very well defined value propositions.

So I can say that not only I but the whole company is delighted with the results of applying the Value Funnel to our practice.

Marcelo Lang

Director Marketing Excellence, Chr Hansen Animal Health and Nutrition

Creating Value in the Animal Health Space

Creating Value in the Animal Health Space

     Check out my recent webinar where I share 10 practical tips that you can implement immediately to create value for your customer and your organisation. Access the webinar over here.  These tips follow the Value Funnel methodology.  TIP #1 : CHECK YOUR FOCUS...

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R&D versus Innovation

R&D versus Innovation

Fed up of a classic product centric R&D approach ? Check out how the Value Funnel can help you transform into a customer centric innovation engine. Want to learn more?  Book a complimentary 30 mins call.

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